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78665 Root Canal

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Where can I find 78665 root canal treatment?

At Paloma Vista Dental, their experienced dentist provides a sweeping variety of dental services to the Round Rock, and Greater Austin Texas metropolitan area. Whether you’re in need of the most advanced preventive, restorative, prosthetic, or cosmetic dentistry services, you’ll be in excellent hands. Providing exceptional service from the treatment of cavities and toothaches, to Round Rock, TX 78665 root canal therapy, Dr. Manuel Sylvester Gonzales is well equipped to provide you with the highest quality of care.

78665 Root Canal

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, you can expect to receive the prompt and diligent care you deserve at Paloma Vista Dental. Oftentimes, due to the traumatic injury of a tooth, or as the result of extensive dental decay, the vital tissue deep inside of the tooth can become irreversibly damaged. When this happens, it becomes necessary to perform Round Rock, TX 78665 root canal therapy to help save the tooth. Root canal therapy is a highly effective, safe and precise procedure. Performed over 15 million times each year by dentists across the nation, it involves the gentle removal of damaged or infected tissue inside the tooth. Once the inside of the tooth has been cleared and disinfected, the tooth is sealed with a biocompatible and rubber-like material to prevent the development of any future infection. Root canals not only act to save a tooth in distress, but also serve to prevent any further issues from occurring later on.

Following your Round Rock, TX 78665 root canal therapy, a restorative filling or crown may be used to reinforce the tooth and to restore its natural form and function. Offering the highest dental grade materials for the durable and lifelike restoration of your teeth, the experienced professional at Paloma Vista Dental will have your teeth looking like new!

If you’ve been experiencing a toothache, or have injured one of your teeth, your Round Rock, TX 78665 root canal therapist is prepared for your arrival. To schedule an appointment to receive the exceptional quality dental care your smile deserves, contact the Paloma Vista Dental today.


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