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Dental office in Round Rock

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Are you looking for a dental office in Round Rock?


Were you aware that over 35 million adults across the nation don’t have any teeth? If you’ve lost teeth, speaking with a caring and highly skilled dentist about your replacement options is essential. At Paloma Vista Dental, your dental office in Round Rock, their experienced dentist provides the utmost in restorative, emergency, and cosmetic treatments for the area, offering the latest options in implant dentistry, partial, full, or implant-supported dentures. Keeping up with the latest research, technology and techniques available in the field, Dr. Manuel “Sylvester” Gonzales is the professional to consult with when faced with the issue of replacing teeth.

Dental office in Round Rock

Whether your teeth have been lost as a result of gum disease, traumatic injury, or other circumstances, you’re going to want to find the best possible replacement for them. Your dental office in Round Rock custom fabricates the highest quality bridges, dentures, and implant retained prosthetics. For patients missing all of their upper or lower teeth, complete dentures provide an excellent replacement option, suctioned in place over a thin film of saliva that rests atop the underlying bone. When some sturdy teeth remain, partial dentures can be fabricated, held in place by clasps attached to the surrounding teeth. Eligible patients may want to discuss implant retained dentures. Providing an additional level of stability, dental implants can be strategically placed in the mouth and used to support a set of dentures. Reducing the resorption of bone, dental implants confer many benefits to the health and function of your jaws in addition to restoring the appearance of your smile.

Whichever option turns out to be most appropriate for you, your dental office in Round Rock is prepared to provide professional support each step of the way. To schedule a consultation with the talented Dr. Gonzales, call Paloma Vista Dental at the number below.


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