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Dentist in Round Rock

Dental cavities form over time and during their early formation, usually have few to minor symptoms; you may not even be aware of the progression of decay. The first symptom of a cavity / decay related problem may be a stinging feeling, or an uncomfortable sensation when eating or drinking something hot, cold or sweet.

At Paloma Vista Dental, your Round Rock dentist, we are here to help, first with  our preventative approach to dental health designed to avoid the development of dental problems. And, of course, we are here to assess and discuss with you a caring, thorough, individual treatment program to arrest any dental problems that may have developed – especially if you have not been in a regular preventative care routine. We take the time to educate and inform our patients about the best available options and to make recommendations based on our extensive experience and knowledge of the newest and best procedures.

Round Rock Dentist

Regular dental exams, with your Round Rock dentist at Paloma Vista Dental are the best opportunities to diagnose budding problems and stop them sooner – sometimes when a dental problem can still be reversed to dental health.

Dental cavities occur first and most frequently in youth, but can occur at anytime during the course of our lifetimes. Cavities are caused when acids which naturally occur in the mouth cause disintegration of a vulnerable spot or surface of tooth enamel.  Left untreated, the weakened spot will become larger and eventually become a cavity in the enamel. Our Paloma Vista Dental dentists offer state-of-the-art composite fillings, and may recommend enamel strengthening fluoride and protecting sealant treatments, among the wide range of dental care available at your Round Rock dentist’s office, all provided in a caring manner, and in a pleasant and stress-free setting.

For an appointment to see our Round Rock dentist for a comprehensive dental exam, treatment for the symptoms of a cavity, and any other dental health concern, please contact us today!


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