Round Rock Same Day Crowns

Round Rock Same Day Crowns

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Same Day Crowns in Round Rock

In today’s busy world, the last thing you want is to spend your time making multiple trips to the dentist. At Paloma Vista Dental, we are pleased to offer Round Rock same day crowns. This means that in just one visit to your trusted, local dentist you can have a naturally beautiful, high quality and long lasted ceramic crown fabricated for your tooth. Thanks to the most advanced computer technology, your dentist is able to fabricate your new dental crown right on site, providing you with quality dental care in the most efficient manner.

Round Rock Same Day Crowns

Cerec is a computer aided design and manufacturing technology, that enables your expert dentist at Paloma Vista Dental to give you a custom, ceramic Round Rock same day crowns. In the past, getting a crown meant wearing a temporary and returning to you dentist’s office for multiple visits before your final restoration was finished. With same day crowns, digital imaging eliminates the need for uncomfortable impressions, utilizing a 3-D image instead to design the ceramic restoration. The crown bonds to the surface of your natural tooth, as it does with a traditional crown, and provides long lasting coverage to preserve your healthy tooth structure underneath. Same day crowns eliminate the unpredictability of lab fabricated crowns. Any alterations to your computer manufactured crown can be done the same day. You no longer need to cut into time with your family or take off from work to receive quality dental crowns, with our new same day crown technology, it only takes one visit to achieve a healthy, beautiful smile.

For residents of Round Rock, same day crowns are available at Paloma Vista Dental, making this state of the art technology available right at your local dentist’s office. You get to walk out of your appointment with your new crowns that very same day. Your time is valuable, and you deserve a dentist who can provide you with quality care in a convenient way. To learn more, give us a call today.


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