Round Rock TMJ Dentist

Round Rock TMJ Dentist

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Bruxism, the chronic grinding of teeth, affects the lives an estimated 30 to 40 million individuals across the nation. When left untreated, bruxism can result in deleterious effects to your oral health. At Paloma Vista Dental, your Round Rock TMJ dentist has trained extensively in jaw conditions and provides careful examinations and treatment services for bruxism and TMJ disorders. Making a comprehensive range of advanced dental services available to you and your loved ones, from the essentials in preventive and emergency dental care, to the highest quality implant, dental sleep medicine, and cosmetic treatments for your smile, you can depend on our dentist to provide you with the exceptional quality dental care you deserve. If you’re suffering from jaw pain, facial pain, stiff or swollen jaws, our experienced dentist is prepared to provide you with state-of-the-art service, from diagnosis and treatment, to continuing care.

The effects of unchecked chronic teeth grinding can result in a variety of issues. From beginning to wear down your teeth, to the cracking of restorative fillings, and development of TMD, a jaw-joint disorder of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), if you suffer from bruxism you’re going to want to have our dentist carefully examine your oral health. The TMJ is the joint which connects your skull to your lower jawbone. When there are issues affecting the TMJ, muscle tension can result, contributing to issues with the balance of bite force in your mouth. Your Round Rock TMJ dentist is experienced in diagnosing disorders of the TMJ, and is prepared to provide you with the effective relief you deserve. In cases of TMD resulting from bruxism, a customized set of night guards can be fabricated, designed to comfortably hold your jaws apart as you sleep, eliminating the possibility of harmful grinding or clenching. Depending on the cause of your TMJ condition, treatment solutions specific to your oral health may vary.

If you’re suffering from bruxism or a TMJ disorder, your Round Rock TMJ dentist is here to provide you with the compassionate and effective care you deserve. For the professional evaluation and treatment of TMJ, TMD, bruxism and dental pain of any measure, look to the experienced dentist at Paloma Vista Dental.

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