Where can I get Braces in Round Rock?

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Thinking about straightening your teeth but find yourself shying away from traditional metal braces? At Paloma Vista Dental, their experienced dentist makes a comprehensive range of advanced dentistry services available to the Round Rock, Brushy Creek, and Georgetown area. From the highest quality preventive, restorative, dental sleep and TMD therapy services, to ClearCorrect braces in Round Rock, their dentist is prepared to address the unique oral care needs of your entire family. Committed to remaining current with the latest developments in the field, you can trust that Dr. Manuel Gonzales provides highly precise, gentle and individualized care, all in laid back, comfortable setting.

When it comes to discrete orthodontic treatment, ClearCorrect braces in Round Rock are an excellent option. Using the most sophisticated computer imaging software, your dentist will carefully analyze your smile, making note of any malocclusions, detrimental to the function or aesthetic quality of your bite. With a fully digitized, three-dimensional model of your mouth, the most precise course of treatment can be tested and prescribed with the utmost exactitude. Once your treatment plan has been designed, the blueprint for your series of custom, clear aligners is sent off to the laboratory for fabrication. ClearCorrect is an orthodontic treatment that works in phases. Each set of aligners in the series is worn for a prescribed period of time before advancing to the next set. With each set, your teeth are ever so gradually nudged towards their desired ending positions. Whereas traditional orthodontic treatments are permanently affixed and require periodic adjustments, with ClearCorrect, you will have the luxury to remove your aligners for short periods of time, so you do not have to stop eating the foods you love! You’ll also be able to brush and floss just like you did before!

If you are thinking about the virtually invisible method for straightening your teeth and aligning your bite, schedule a visit at Paloma Vista Dental to discuss how you might benefit from ClearCorrect braces in Round Rock today!

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